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In Sept. 2012, the M.B.G. celebrated it's 50th. annirvesary .At the time I had 2 B's and was a member of the M.G. Owners club. They informed all members that they joined forces with the M.G.C.C. to run a combined event at Gaydon Heritage Centre complex, just off the M40. It's around 140 ml. from Leeds, a further 100 if one lives in the Newcastle area. For myself it was going to be a round trip of 280 ml. and some where in the region of 6 hrs travelling time plus 6 gal. fuel.
I wrote to the Owners Club, pointing out the time and cost for us poor enthusiasts North of Watford Gap, and asked if they could also organise an event in our area. No was the reply, but if we wanted to do something ourselves the club would advertise the event in the monthly mag. as long as we did not run it on the same day as their event, which was fair enough. This was in May, so it gave us only 5 months to put together some sort of a plan. I estimated we may get 80 entries, so had to find a venue that could cater for 200 people at a reasonable cost, and they are few and far between in the area we wanted to hold the event. Some prices quoted for afternoon tea made my eyes water. Fountains Abbey (a national trust property) near Ripon, offered us the best deal, parking, private room, and food, £17-50 per person for after noon tea, which just about fitted in with our costings £ 25.p.p which inc. printing, postage.rally plate,a 25th. birthday card (now a collector's item) and a little towards the cost of a web site mgnorthofengland.
As to the event, we ended up with 92 paid entries, a good number coming from the North East M.G. clubs, and a chairman of one, helped with organising a meeting point and run to Richmond, where they joined up with other B owners then made their way to Fountains. The cars from the West Riding area meet at the Waterside car park in Wetherby before heading up into the dales around the Washburn valley then onto the Abbey.
At the Abbey, we had been allotted the coach park (no coaches on Sun. so they said ) We had arranged for the Lord & Lady Mayoress of Ripon to come and look at the assembled M.G.'s at around 1pm. and they duly arrived in the mayoral limo, - a Ford Focus!. How times have changed. They walked round the cars - talking with a number of owners, then made a dash to the private room for afternoon tea. The caterers did us proud - no shortage of excellent food - tea, coffee etc - everyone was impressed. Some members viewed the ruins of the monastry and the beautiful laid out gardens and water features .
It was a good day, something to remember in days to come. The web. site name is no longer on the highways, but the name is still registered to myself, so is now added to our City of Leeds site. It may come in handy in times to come.
At the event, we held a raffle, and the monies raised from that an any left over from the £25 entry fee was donated to Help 4 Hero's - £ 230. Thanks to all who helped to make this a day to remember, for me.

Regards Derek



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