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As a young lad, I was fasinated, like many of my generation with the big iron horses, belching out steam and smoke, hissing like an angry cat, and the noise of power as they set themselves in motion. We lived about 2 ml. from a large marshalling/goods yard at East End Park, and I recall, if we were allowed to see in the New Year, we would hear the whistles from the locomotives that were working, to see in the New Year. Those days are long gone, but the memory is still with me.
    The Beeching chop saw most of the local branch lines disappear and we are fortunate that there were bands of enthusiasts who managed to save a number. Worth Valley, Keithley, and Skipton are fairly local to Leeds, but the Pickering to Grosmont ( and now Whitby ) is the longest in the region, and one of the big tourist attractions in the North.
  The North Yorkshire Moors Railway,  encourage and promote classic car events throughout the year. Our run on Sat.1st. Nov. to Goathland (made famous for the setting of the T.V. series "Heartbeat") coincides with the last week end of it's autumn programme.
  One starting point, is at the Murcure Inn, Wetherby, on the A58 just south of the town, at 11am and a run to the North side of the vale of York, then to the moors - to see them in their autumn  glory, something not to be missed, - and onto Goathland, where those who wish can spend the night to rest there weary bones. 
  After breakfast, a short planned route to Grosmont, where, if it takes your fancy, you can visit the locomotive workshop and see restoration jobs, much larger than our cars. If thats not in your line, there are 3 or 4 tea shops, and as mentioned before, the trains are still running if you fancy a trip to Whitby for some sea air in your lungs.
  We have booked some rooms at the INN on THE MOOR HOTEL - £90. double - £50. single. Please get in touch if you would like to join us, or you can turn up and enjoy the run on Sat at no cost. 
  If you have a computer, log onto Google and type in North York Moors Railway, an you can view on U-Tube, a number pages of trains and stations. 

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